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ATPv is a proprietary liposomal solution that contains ATP made to rapidly fuse to cell membranes to deliver ATP back to cells. ATPv is made as a concentrate to be added to graft holding solutions for hair restoration surgery.

ATPv is our patented liposomal formula that delivers ATP during the time period hair grafts are separated from blood flow.


  • Earlier regrowth than expected
  • Enhanced retention rate
  • Increased hair shaft elongation

*Based on evidence our physicians report

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How to Use ATPv

Use Instructions
  • ATPv is a sterile filtered, sterile packaged product.

    ATPv is a quality assured product that undergoes microbial testing and rigorous internal quality control testing before the product is released.

  • ATPv has a 120 day shelf life from the date of manufacture.

    At 120 days, ATPv passes our rigorous Certificate of Analysis criteria.

  • ATPv is sold in two volumes, 25mL and 50mL.

    We recommend using 25mL for FUE cases, and 50mL for FUT cases.


    This product is sterile filtered and should not be reused.

ATPv is used by hair restoration physicians in over 30 countries.

Our reliable distributor partners can help facilitate import into your country.

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