Frequently Asked Questions

Physicians, here you will find our most commonly asked questions regarding our products, ordering, and more.

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What are the steps to placing an order with Energy Delivery Solutions?

  1. Create an account with your clinic address. Accounts for physicians will be verified internally. Only verified physicians will be allowed to purchase ATPv. Orders placed by unverified physicians will be canceled and refunded.
  2. Visit our store and choose your liposomal ATP product.
  3. Add products to cart. Tiered pricing will be issued once added to the cart. Most orders are dispatched within 1-2 business days.
  4. You will receive an invoice to the email you signed up with.

How many bottles of ATPv should I order?

  • We recommend ordering 1 bottle of ATPv per case per hair restoration case. Our bottles are sterile filled. For patient safety, the bottle SHOULD NOT BE REUSED ONCE OPENED.

Which volume of ATPv should I order?

  • For FUE procedures, use 25 mL.
  • For FUT procedures, use 50 mL.

What is the shelf life of ATPv?

  • ATPv has a shelf life of 120 Days from the date of manufacture. We recommend assessing your caseload within the timeframe before the expiration date, and ordering as needed to prevent over-ordering.


Who is your shipping carrier?

  • We use expedited shipping via UPS.

How are your products shipped?

  • We ship all of our products cold chain (on ice).

Where can you ship?

  • USA, and most countries.
  • You must purchase products through our distributors if you are in

European Union (Zavimed), Taiwan (High 5), and South Korea (Anagen / Lead M Corp)

  • Unfortunately, we CANNOT SHIP to Thailand, South America, Russia.

How long is transit?

  • Our shipping hours are 8AM to 2PM EST Monday through Thursday. We are generally able to get packages out same day.
  • Transit time for domestic customers in US can expect 1-3 day transit.
  • Transit time for international customers can expect 2-5 day transit. Payment of duties and taxes promptly can expedite the process.

My package arrived warm or the gel ice packs have thawed. Can I still use ATPv or Vitalise?

  • We have performed internal testing on ATPv and have demonstrated that ATPv can be stored at 30.5°C (or 86.9°C) for 27.8 days and still pass our Certificate of Analysis parameters. Your package was shipped on ice, therefore it should have had several days at cooled temperature before thawing.


Is ATPv a complete graft holding solution?

  • NO. ATPv is an additive and concentrated solution, and should be diluted into your graft holding solution.

How do I mix ATPv?

  • Gently invert before mixing.
  • Mix with your graft holding solutions the morning of surgery in a 1:10 dilution (10% dilution).
  • We recommend a 10% dilution. One 25mL bottle will make 250mL of working solution (25 mL ATPv + 225 mL Graft Holding Solution).
  • Replace during procedure every hour or as needed when the solution becomes bloody / as needed.

How do I store ATPv?

  • Store in the refrigerator until day of use.

Can I reuse ATPv?

  • NO, ATPv is sterile filled. Once opened, it should be used same day.

Which graft holding solutions are compatible with ATPv?

  • Saline, Hypothermasol, Plasmalyte-A, Ringer's Lactate, Williams Medium E, etc.