Dr. William Ehringer

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Dr. William (Bill) Ehringer has led Energy Delivery Solutions for 10 years as its CEO and CSO. During this period, research and product development expanded the company’s line of commercially available products from one market sector (hair transplantation) to wound care, cosmetics, and cell and tissue preservation.

Drawing on his training in cell membranes and lipid vesicles, he has identified several pre-clinical formulations as drug-candidates in wound healing, limb severance, hemorrhagic shock, and organ transplantation. He guided the successful development and FDA clearance of CT-STOR as a medical device for cell and tissue processing applications.

He co-developed a Quality Management System that is used for the manufacture of Energy Delivery Solutions products. In addition, he developed a scalable, low-cost method of manufacturing the company’s core products. Bill holds 7 patents in the core technology and will direct development of IP expansion for the company. Bill’s technologies have led to over $4 million in funding from the NIH and NASA and he will direct future grants and research to benefit the company’s growing products development.