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What is ATPv and why is it important?

ATPv is a combination of lipids that encapsulate, protect, and deliver adenosine-5’-triphosphate (ATP) to cells. ATP is important because when cells or tissues do not have a good blood flow, such as when a hair follicle is removed from the scalp, the level of ATP decreases. If ATP levels get too low, the cells will die and the tissue will no longer function.

Why should my physician use ATPv?

Adding ATPv to your hair restoration surgery can only benefit your procedure outcome, ensuring the healthiest follicles possible. Scalp blood flow varies from person to person depending upon age, diet, and environmental factors. The success of a hair transplantation is also dependent on ATP. Adding ATPv to the graft holding solution ensures adequate ATP is available to the hair follicles.

How is ATPv used?

ATPv is added to graft holding solutions and the combination is used to help keep the hair follicles preserved during the procedure. 

How do I get ATPv for my hair transplant surgery?

ATPv is sold only to physicians, so if you are wanting to use ATPv in your hair transplant procedure, please have your physician contact us.

Who uses ATPv now?

ATPv has been used by 15 past presidents of the ISHRS. 
ATPv is used in research and in clinical practices in the U.S. and other countries throughout the world. Our largest group of clinical customers is the community of hair transplant surgeons. 

What are the anticipated results of using ATPv in hair transplantation?

Many physicians have reported in publications and in seminars that using ATPv results in earlier regrowth and faster healing.*

Vitalise Wound Care Spray

What is Vitalise Wound Care Spray?

Vitalise is a specially formulated wound care spray that contains ATPv

Why should I use Vitalise?

When hair follicles are removed from the scalp they are cut-off from the blood supply. When replanted into the scalp, it can take 3-5 days to restore normal blood flow. Vitalise Wound Care Spray provides ATP to the hair follicles during this crucial time period.

How do I use Vitalise?

Vitalise should be applied by spraying the donor and recipient sites until moist every 2 hours for the first 48 hours, then every 3-4 hours until days 7 post-op.

Should Vitalise be kept refrigerated?

Vitalise should be kept in the refrigerator (2-8C) until it is ready to be used. Vitalise can be stored at room temperature for a period of 10 days, so it can be kept near bedside for the frequent sprays recommended. Some patients keep it in the refrigerator as the cool spray helps reduce inflammation.

Can I use Vitalise on wounds?

Yes, you can use Vitalise on any topical minor wound. Vitalise should not be used on chronic wounds or wounds that are infected.


What are the steps to placing an order with Energy Delivery Solutions? Create an account with your clinic address. Only verified physicians will be allowed to purchase ATPv. Vitalise Wound Care Spray is our liposomal ATP product for End Users and Non-Physicians. Add products to cart. Most orders are dispatched within 1-2 business days. You will receive an invoice to the email you signed up with.


How is Vitalise Wound Care Spray shipped? Vitalise Wound Care Spray is shipped cold chain on ice via UPS Next Day Air or UPS 2nd Day Air which you can choose at checkout.